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First Aid

Whenever you have problems with Linux or an application, you might find the following applications and tips a good starting point

Manual Pages

Almost every linux application comes with a manual. You can view this manual with

man <programname> 

This will display the manual in your $PAGER application (the default is: less) That means that you can use the pagers search (/ key) and navigation methods

Info Page

Simliar to manual pages are info pages. You can read those with

info <programname>


The apropos command searches through the whatis database, which contains informations about system commands. You can use it like this:

apropos <searchstring>

built in help

Many applications have a built in help, which is displayed when (depending on the application)

  • No or wrong arguments are given
  • The -h switch is passed to the command
  • The –help argument is passed to the command
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